Nika Awyr
Hello!! My name is Nika and I love drawing stuff.

Feel free to check out my works on this site and also, if you really up to it, to write me a message, maybe?;))
I'm an illustrator and concept artist from Sait-Petersburg, Russia. I focus mostly on stylized character concepts and semi-realistyc illustrations. Drawing is pretty much my whole life. I work with companies all other the world to help them translate their ideas through digital art. And on my free time... well, I do the same thing with my own ideas.

I have been drawing for my entire life (almost). As for comercial purpuses, I'm in business for more when 5 years already. Make your job a hobby and you wont work for another day. Pretty much my case here;)
I firs discovered what there is such thing as a pencil when I was merely 4 years old. Well, not really but at 4 I started using it for it's purpose. And so it began...

I spend a lot of time drawing all kinds of stuff. At kindergarten, at home, even when I was in schooll (admittedly not so great idea to draw during classes). At that time it was a favorite hobby, and I never even imagined that I can do a career in art.

So I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is a huge demand on digital art and you can make a living out of it.

After that I dedicated to really learn how to draw, not just for fun, but properly, profesionally. Turned out it's even more fun! How great is that?

So here I am now. Doing what I do and loving it.
Besides this website I have instagram, artstation and linkedIn. Feel free to check them out. If you have a business proposal or any question you can use contact section or write me to nika.awyr@gmail.com